Flash game Drawfender

Drawfender a drawing game based on the reflection

And if the design was the best of defenses? This is the time to ensure r inner artist in you! With Drawfender you are the artist that protects drawing protective forms savings innocent attacks thugs jealous. It's time to show your designer gift for a good cause. Just as the name suggests is the fusion of Drawfender Draw means for artist and defender of defender.

You have to intervene during a charity in your neighborhood or person ominous one of cid of weeks discord. You are the ros s h that brings SAFETY around the crowd in panic. You had your disposal a magical critoire which traces of forms for the mass encircled person to ease.

Of the graph is very good finish for easy playability. The game is easy to access and easy to play. Your only mission is to put criminals out of state harm in not allowing the store to feel pr crowd. Sketch, draw yet that is your contribution.

To play just the mouse you will n necessary in the placing of from left to right according to your understanding. You can take you there as many times as the need arises, that is to say as everyone will not prot ger. Life is good and the other does not like it when good deeds come from all sides they want to put an end to this joy of living it not. The crowd needs your help to realize his works r s charity. Cogito a little to make drawings that will just have your good mood. The game is one of the easiest to play and most attractive of the Internet sector.

He beat hearings in two weeks pr presence on the market. A ration of guster without mod!

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