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D Crime Scene Detective, a set in the heart of the action

One victim FOUND t e in a small town normally quiet suburb and is a you to find the murderer. But who can it be? In this city we are more accustomed to looking at how the roll of the game Saturday after noon rather than seeing murders. Suddenly in the city everyone talks about it and nobody understands.

So you'll have in this game you step into the shoes of a detective in search of the killer. To find looks good around you the murderer has left a number of clues that can be useful for your investigation, look on the couch, behind the couch, on the shelf bay, and all the places that you seem suspicious. All the clues you find will give each of indications. And placed end to end they let you surely find out who is the murderer.

Left in the room is a chest there is a mystery in a for the whole population there may be the reason for the murder found. Will you be a good detective to solve this riddle r that nobody understands? You will recover all the ins and outs of this riddle?

How to play a D Detective Crime Scene?

Left click on play and skip to abut the game of R under criminal investigation by using your mouse.

Click left on the 4 edges of the game for you to place and objects to collect or activate them. Hold the left mouse button to collect your items at the bottom of the game's features and on the areas of your choice by releasing the mouse to use. Click left on the camera to capture.

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