Flash game Fill Up

Fill Up a puzzle game in a maze

Storage is an intellectual capacity that is not characteristic of all human beings. It n BLINDNESS some IQ. The fill up is a set of storage in which you have to put in a good order of finished paintings a target site.

To get a blue snowman guide to the paintings of species labyrinths. All roads do not lead to the target site for the location pr seen paintings. If you are a voice prints without taking the time to r fl chir has its finality, you may find yourself blocked and unable to move that will put you game over. In this game, each movement is ending for the rest of the puzzle. Spaces are limited and linen areas, allowing you to placing a wire in one direction.

Sleep has your goals in all of your investment. The game control is ensured by the arrow keys. Of the graphic finish takes us to the era of technology with mechanical texture m. This game is the domain of intelligent r flexion. This is a game for people who love to raise intelectos made of.

The game runs under the control of a countdown that holds you spellbound. It requires a certain activity r m your memory and allows you at the same time treat your nonchalance Brale cr. At the end of this game you have to velopp your ability to share r facing a given position e. This game helps you ar ensure the functioning of certain neurons that are struggling to get into activity. It will also help you work better under pressure in record time and doing it in the rules of art.

For d abut the game, click the Play button. In each game, you have a total of 500 seconds for r succeed your mission and go to Level sup laughing.

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