Flash game Five

Five a board game as a puzzle

D molis all the balls if you want to win points. Attempts to combine batch of five balls of the same color if you want these are rank ball disappear. You score more points when you truis of the rank s more than five balls of the same color. For this, you should avoid the path is block by another if you can not place it. D to put your balls through the platform point your cursor over the ad placed ball, left click your mouse button to click and go lectionner s on the space where you want it to go to stay and it's pl.

This is probably one of the most played games s platform on canvas and it is cr says a note above the averages diff annuities criticism. You were looking for an original platform game that makes you r fl chir, Five is the head puzzle game that you must try and you will not be d cu. You will be there even snag and come play. In addition, it is free, no need to pay or tl charge.

Thou shalt push the envelope further and thus beat your own score. The game that pr feel a kind of small tablet, there are balls of colors, red, orange, violet, green, yellow and blue. To pass the time at work, or at home you will take pleasure ay play. You'll only need an internet connection.

In addition, the principle of the game is simple to understand, otherwise, consult the instructions of the goal of the game to have a little more knowledge on this game also you can also adviser has a facebook. For d abut the game, click the Play button.

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