Flash game Flashmind

Flashmind a classic game of thinking and memory

If you think you have the games r just bending test your IQ in this game r flexion. "Flashmind" is a shooting game eponymous bestseller. Arm yourself with patience and pr adorn yourself to do your work ninges m. The game is one of the classic games r flexion played worldwide. Come to measure as the riddle and r flexion, show them who is the strongest in Flashmind. The principles of the game are simple. Must be achieved to guess a color combination pr e s PICKED by the computer.

You have six differently colored balls in the bottom left of your screen. Selected from these balls ones you think part e combination. You can take up to 4 diff balls annuities. Two columns of numbers will tell you how many balls are placed and how many balls are part of the mix but are not well located es. Sometimes it may happen that all the balls are PICKED s are part of the mix, but none of them is a place in this kind of situation everyone uses means more or less good to get the exact result r less possible sleeves.

At each location there is a good solution for e finished, it is the same principle in the Flashmind then become familiar with the game and develops your own technique. The faster you finish the game the more you score. So the combination is quickly.

Be careful sometimes the same color can be pr eral times in the same combination then think well arp ter colors if you can not encrypt the ad combination of the first shots. Become a pro by playing this game r bending is played with a mouse. And do not forget to share your score!

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