Flash game 9 Dragons Hexa

Hexa 9 Dragons game blocks and reflection

Hexa 9 Dragons, a set of blocks and you will r bending of soft

The principle in this game is to swap tiles for groups of identical characters. Several tiles are arranged es sordonn way of e. They must be trying to swap cr er large groups of identical tiles. Get more groups of identical tiles, plus you'll have the bonus, and you have the possibility to use these bonuses to change the colors and delete entire sectors.

The goal in this game is to cr st large groups of similar tiles. You are fan of games where only your mind can help you to get out of it? Games where must r fl chir without worrying about the concept of time?

So try this great flash game that will appeal probably the greatest minds in the world. "Hex" is a very game r flexion. Mine with the greatest minds on the planet, or trust the computer with this game he t sp cially built not to be beaten then sharpens your intellect and abounding pr adorn yourself to dig your m ninges. "Hex" is not so easy as it sounds, this is a secret. To get to beat the computer you will have to find a stratagem. Bring your playing technique and parfais it. In this game there is to hexagons of the same color together to make them disappear. This game features 10 levels each harder than the other game; cr er it takes gies strat game as crazy as bright.

They do not have the same value, and can not do the same for investments. You have to ensure a place in the way of r fl shits so they put the king has failed. Use your mouse to place my hexagons.

A vertical bar to the left of the screen indicates the time you have left. You have to reach the goal of the level before time runs out or you lose This game is not easy and it is id al to pass the time. The game is a classic, friendly; You'll need patience, bending and r many mistakes to achieve ar solve this puzzle while appr ENJOYING the world good-which it is shot. R fl chis well and remains concentrated for esp rer complete all the levels that make up "Hex".

Have fun!

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