Flash game Jewelanche 2

Jewelanche puzzle game 2 of series 3 and arcade

Come to cover the latest gaming sensation r bending, s series 3 and arcade: Jewelanche 2!

You bored in games of s series of 3 classic? With Jewelanche 2, you'll make parts endiabl are! You can also choose to play in relaxed mode to enjoy the graphics and particularity s Jewelanche 2 without stress!

How to play a Jewelanche 2?

To play Jewelanche 2 is very simple. Click on "New Game" if this is the first time you play! . Click "Continue" if you d ja jou Jewelanche 2 You can also choose to play "Relax Mode", which will drop gems when thou shalt disappear: no stress in this mode Game on!

If this is your first game, you'll see appear insctructions: know that the stones can not be deleted es, except thanks to TNT; Pandora's boxes contain surprises, good or bad ... Click on the boxes to open and cover what they contain. Jewels givr s are identical to normal gems, but you have to break the ice to make them disappear.

To remove gems, you need to connect at least three touching grace your mouse, drawing a line on them with your mouse to left click! Release your click to make them disappear. The more you do away with jewels, more bar fills bomb: when filled, a gem bomb will appear.

To activate the do disappear! The level is finished when the progress bar is full! Between each level, you can go to the store to think that you have sub gained to purchase bonuses such as the detonator of the sphere dragon pickaxe or dynamite.

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