Flash game Klax

Klax arcade and puzzle

Try to get the highest score in Klax, a great arcade and r bending game! Klax is a very fun game; d is running on a platform is to place the tiles and your goal is to arrange them so as to have three identical tiles superimposed s. Tiles moving as quickly and you must succeed r has control otherwise you will lose the game. Called klax when you manage to arrange three or more identical tiles in the same row e. Tiles catch moving and place them in the right place, which will earn you points. In klax, you'll find five diff ferent levels and in each level, you must reach a goal to progress. With numbers, you should have a number of klax to win the level.

In horizontal and diagonal level, the goal is to arrange the tiles horizontal and vertical way to r succeed. Tiles in the level, the aim will be to assemble a number of klax until it reaches the number of sign which will allow you to progress. With the level on points, he will fix you a number of points to win a meet. How to play a Klax? Klax is played int gralement with the arrow keys on the keyboard. In all levels of play, the tile begins to move, use the arrows to guide its position.

Tiles also progressing very quickly and if you do not concentrate enough, you can lose them. If you let slip more than five tiles without the fix, the game ends and you do not earn points. Observe tiles, each pose in the correct position and was quickly another happens, whether it is identical to the first color overlays.

Not heaps of differently colored tiles, they will make you waste your time. Klax also includes three difficulty levels s; begins with the less complicated for better control of the game before cover other levels.

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