Flash game Konnectors

Konnectors a construction game and puzzle

Come build your own city in this building Konnectors is a game similar role to play Sim City car in this version, you must put yourself in the shoes of a city planner and build as quickly as possible a road ambulance in order that it leads her sick the hospital. The goal is to build a road to connect two locations together while working on? A tight schedule. Emmene white van until the arrival e. Build a road avoiding all obstacles diff ferent ground, such as trees or buildings, among others. Use the mouse to build the road.

Click on a square of grass to place a piece of road. Click several times on the same piece to change the direction of the road. More clicks you make, the less points you get. Seeks to fewest clicks possible in this difficult exercise. From the second level, it will go through the fuel pump to refuel before returning home. It is a game in the genre of games plumbers but here there must be portions of a road way to make a path to the final building.

To help you spot there ad ja a stretch of road ahead. But we must be very fast because the car tired after a few seconds. All played with the mouse click, click and click again quickly.

It's a simple, fun game you'll find yourself in the role of an engineer ing. Your main objective is to build a road and make their way. Try as fast as possible to build a road there.

If you do not have time, you can go to the asphalt, even at a time when the bus is moving. Good luck!

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