Flash game Laser Bubbles

Laser Bubbles puzzle game and puzzle

Put your brain boiling in Laser Bubbles, great puzzle game and bending r!

If you are a passionate games or your mind is the only thing required, then you're well tomb. Here is a very fun flash game that you return the head of all côt s. Laser Bubbles is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion. Laser Bubbles is a game available and ad cover without delay on our portal online flash games. The principles of this game are very simple. In this game terribly effective r original flexion, graphics simple but the concept, you control four lasers s located around a square area e. In this area, d is randomly placed al bubbles.

There is in each côt a laser.

How to play a Laser Bubbles?

The goal is to explode a number of bubbles in each level with a minimum of laser shot. The number of bubbles explode for each level is indicated on the right of the game screen in the indicated e Bubbles area.

D-spot lasers with the mouse and click the left mouse button to shoot. Well designed to explode as many bubbles in a minimum fire if you are strong enough to get there. V purified well your bar energy that lies at the bottom right of the game screen for each shot decreases. If it arrives at its minimum level, you lose the game. Shoot the red bubbles bubbles clatent located in proximity when they explode. Attention through against the blue sky bubbles, do not touch them.

Blue bubbles functions are cartent other bubbles when they explode. The sound effects are just great and the game is a very good playability. Now that you know all what you need, you have to play.

Have fun!

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