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Polkafriz, a set of r flexion that will not leave you cold! In this game blocks and r flexion, you have with your mouse push ice blocks to be grouped in the central area of ​​the game board The ice blocks are r parties on 4 COTS tray, you have to push them towards the center in order to stay in the empty slots. All int est this block game r lies in the fact that we should not push the blocks anyhow. For you r fl chir what block you'll push first; indeed, push the blocks with your mouse in a logical order, so that all the blocks abut against each other and can take the right direction to reach the middle of the playing area Be careful if you're wrong, you'll expel the ice blocks off the board and they will be lost.

Do not worry you have the possibility to cancel your last move or to return all to their original position blocks! D to place a block, simply click on the tray ext laughing, just behind the block you wish to move. You can push more blocks at once. This game has 60 levels which blocks the difficulty is increasing.

The last levels are true breaks header, you will have to be very methodical m and show a lot of r before bending to place the blocks. Short Polkafriz is a game of flexion and r block we like: addictive, which brings to tent and r bending in a world of ice cream and super cool graphics r very successful. We love this game of ice blocks and we highly recommend it! You love the game of blocks and r flexion?

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