Flash game Rumble Ball 2

Rumble Ball 2 game puzzle

Have fun te way into the walls of Rumble Ball 2!

The game r flexion Rumble Ball 2 takes a little configuration Rumble Ball. Like him, you find yourself in a frame or you are obliged to set up a strat gy procession, as an intelligence and a good m methodology to have a good run in order to win points. This is a game that n BLINDNESS a good address. You have in front of you is a grid with several cages here d cor more color, so more jovial. Now, to access the spheres der dor are you will have to use the gray ball must bounce against the walls in order to clear a path for your acc der a gain points with the ball you do dor e. It is possible to kick the ball before it ends up. Whenever you touch the frame you DEPRESSED you a bit more in the direction of gold balls are levels where n CESSIT aim well and make a good strat gy computed to reach the ball as soon as possible.

You're in front of several types of walls: yellow and red are the walls through which you can pass targeting therefore always tries to touch the walls. Concentrate well and aims to pr decision not to miss your shots. Else, know that the wall configuration may change over time and as you pass levels. So the more you advance, the more you find yourself in a ressante int configuration.

How to Play Rumble Ball 2 has?

To play, you must establish the direction of the shot with the movements of the mouse and click to throw the ball.

Do not miss especially the opportunity to meet this wonderful game, play with your friends and share your scores to see who is the best. Good game!

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