Flash game Shit Sweeper

Shit Sweeper game Minesweeper puzzle types

Come quickly to cover a minor version of the most original in Shit Sweeper, super game r flexion!

You like to dig the head any evidence; even when it comes to fun? You'll certainly appr cial this superb online flash game that we propose. Shift Sheeper is a class game in the cat category games r flexion. To start the game, just click on the image of your game screen that shows you a snowman in blue and yellow with a sweep by hand.

The principle of the game is simple. You are one of the original fort minor or ad must to avoid the bombs you will have to take care not to fall on a poop.

How to play a Shit Sweeper?

As in the classic game you need it s Pick an checkerboard square; figure when it appears, it indicates the number of cells at risk located in the eight squares that surround it. To move to the next level you need to have it covered all of the checkerboard pattern except bombs. It will definitely make you confidence your intuition to guide you.

S selects a checkbox by clicking it, you can mark the boxes that you look suspicious with the "Shift" button on your keyboard + click the left button of your mouse. So if you're a big fan of beautiful and good games, do not pass a côt this title that the m rite to be original both in substance and in form. From a sound point of view, it is very r Successful, dialogues as much as music and sounds immerse us in the same context of this great flash game. A strange game where esting and very int it will be exploration question of bending r, r but also flexes.

Start now without further delay some solo or with friends and watch your intellectual capacity s. Good luck and have fun yourself!

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