Flash game Smarty Bubbles

Smarty Bubbles the bubble shooter and reflection by excellence

Have fun in this new version of Bubble Shooter game! You're a big fan of bubble shooter games? You'll love this new version of the c lebre of explosion of bubbles games. The principle of this game is simple, you'll find a face puzzle bubble color g ant. Your goal is to explode all the beads by associating according to their colors. In fact, you'll have to involve at least three bubbles of the same color to make them disappear.

For each bubble color you will explode, you will earn points that will allow you to inflate your score. It appears at the bottom left of your game screen, you will do more long s ries explosions more your score will be. Warning, you will have to be the pr cis and possible logical. Because every time you go over five of s launched, puzzle bubble descend towards you. Touches the ground, you will lose. has côt your cursor, you'll see the next bubble that is pr view. This will allow you to anticipate your shots to better prepare you pr.

Smarty Bubble bubbles are very flexible and soft, they bounce back easily if you projettes against the walls of the puzzle. This technique will allow you to reach places inaccessible with conventional shots. Blocked if you are, you can at any time start a new game by clicking on the arrow return e situ a bottom right. How to play Smarty Bubble? with the help of your mouse, leading and guiding the cursor bubble in the direction of your choice. Once you have chosen your shooting angle, serve you left click your mouse to launch the bubble.

Hint: targeting the walls of the puzzle, you'll be able to bounce your bubbles and reach difficult areas.

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