Flash game Smoothie Shop

Smoothie Shop game puzzle, girl and simulation

D covers Smoothie Shop and have fun ag rer only shop lemonade!

You lords of playing a game r flexion? Want to play?

So your path stops, because you are on the right page. Welcome to a fantasy world with a job that will not be easy, welcome Smoothie Shop one of our best games r bending freely available on our platform and put online for fun. G rer only shop where lemonade customers are rank outside and waiting to be served is not at all easy. Especially that sometimes it happens that in meeting some that are not compr hensif when their lemonade soon. Then we must enable fast to properly serve all customers.

Would you be at the height of this work? Can you fill this spot? In this game, you have the role of a server, which must satisfy the clientele that goes to him. A customer goes to you along one of the three windows and think of lemonade by the colors which they think. Your mission will be to lead you to the gate of the corresponding client and bang on the table colors which they think.

This effected, your customer takes his drink and goes away and a new customer enters your shop. Attention shall ensure that the customer is served before it reaches the counter otherwise it will s' nerver and leave. If by any chance 3 customer s' Madden and leave, you lose your reputation and r obviously the game. If you're wrong about the color you should start.

How to play a Smoothie Shop?

To play is simple click on the Play button and fed a new game.

Is fast, and makes a good pr cis parties to progress in the game also invites friends to come and play their record low. Good game and have fun though!

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