Flash game Sonic Heroes Puzzle

Sonic Heroes Puzzle, puzzle, puzzle and agility

Trying to get the maximum score in Sonic Heroes Puzzle, a great game r bending puzzle and agility!

Sonic Heroes Puzzle game plays a bit like Tetris, but with a twist. You have to match the Sonic h ros piece of puzzle correctly to score points. The rooms fall into vertical columns of 3 and can be es tourn as desired. You'll see how many points you'll be able to get.

This is a puzzle game in which your mission is to stack blocks and clear with a corresponding character. A low habilit game where the world of Sonic you must collect three parts of the same kind. Low play on the classic Columns ann es 90 This game has two Method The s. Time and free play. Find the blue risson h in Sonic heroes puzzle game r flexion. In this Tetris am lior, you must destroy all of the objects before the stopwatch is finished and prevent them from reaching the top of the screen.

Sonic has the power to remove the gold rings, fox pr cious stones and h risson orange stone blocks.

How to play Sonic Heroes Puzzle?

Use the arrow at the top to hold the r blocks as they fall, left and right arrows to move and the arrow of the bottom to make them fall faster.

Your mission is to stack blocks and clear them with a corresponding character. There are six blocks differ ent. Three types associated with its corresponding block their diet. Orange, brown brick, associated with Knuckles has e. Chaos Emeralds, e associated to the tail. Gold ring, associated with a Sonic. Earn bonus points for scoring combos that match clearing multiple blocks.

Try to score a lev. Good luck.

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