Flash game Sudoku 2

Sudoku 2 game puzzle and sudoku puzzle type

Just do a great part in Sudoku Sudoku 2 game r bending and sudoku puzzle type!

Entertain yourself with this Sudoku, a game r flexion available on the free flash game site online. First of all, start a game by clicking on the image of the game Sudoku is a logic game constituted a grid of 81 squares divided into 9 lines e, r 9 columns and 9 regions (d are limited by borders Thick ), each of which must contain the numbers 1 9.La simplicity of its rules is largely responsible for the success of Sudoku. But a concise NONC is not synonymous with ease forc ing, and the Resolution of grid sup higher difficulty can be a rv l Genuine puzzle r v r claiming hours bending .. .

How to play Sudoku 2?

The goal is to fill the grid with s series of numbers (or letters or symbols) all differ ent, which are never more than once on the same line in the same column or even in a sub-gate. Most of the time, the symbols are numbers from 1 to 9, sub-grids so as to carr s 3 boxes 3. Few symbols are arranged ja d s in the grid, which allows a gradual solution of r complete problem.

This site offers you this game of numbers and logic of Japanese origin in flash version! You need to fill the grid with numbers from 1 to 9 by making two identical figures do not fart r on the same line or a square 3 squares 3. Uses the Erase button (delete) to clear an error and Hint (board) for an index (a limited number of times). Sudoku is played entirely with the mouse.

This is a great way to test his brain. So if you feel smarter than your computer, do not wait a second and throw yourself in the fi d. Have fun!

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