Flash game Super Switch

Super Switch a set of series 3 with celebrities

Super Switch is one of many games r flexion with stars of showbiz. It is one of the most s consult our games because it is very easy to use with excessively easy maneuverability. This game takes support on the r cr Brale activity. The switch is a great game in which grid boxes containing icons should be placed es d. This game can be considered today as a classic r among many other games.

The game principle is simple it will be grouped in pairs of three identical icons, vertical or horizontal way I play to see progress. There are two types of icons, mini pictures of singers and Group Five paintings differently colored. So be switching between icons to get the same rank s to make them disappear. Each row that s disappears, other icons down to replace them and you bn ficies points.

To validate the part he will be aggregated maximum points in time. The clock is represented by a bar feels long green bottom of the screen. More valid targets you more things get complicated for you. You need a quick glance to be on time and do not empty the timeline. To play, simply use the mouse to click successively two icons of Lords you change places in the grid.

This game feels pr characteristics of character rather simplistic to allow you to have a good time on this portal free games. It has a very good finish to graphics and an easy playability and e ais. For d abut the game, click on the Start button.

You start the level 1. Yours to finish before the deadline time of the game Good luck with the Five group.

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