Flash game Tetris V1.0

Tetris V1.0 the reference puzzle game

D includes a new version of the classic game Tetris. D is running on a platform interchangeable, the principle remains the same; r succeed you must avoid is that the bricks climb to the top of the tray to avoid losing the game. In this version, bricks diff rents appear and descend to the bottom of the board, you must arrange them so to assemble a horizontal line without leaving any space between the bricks. If you r ussis a horizontally align bricks, you can score points. To play, you can use the arrows on the keyboard or the mouse to guide the bricks to the right directions.

Always chose the right locations and the right positions doing the bricks rotate with the arrow high. Here also consider the next brick to anticipate what place it should be located e. Calculation although each movement that you are doing with the bricks, r ussis always put bricks kinds has not leave gaps in the lines. This I Tetris 1.0 owns three difficulty levels s; easy, medium, hard, and each level has ten levels differ ent. It is also possible to play with a friend. The more you advance in levels sup laughing, the bricks descend more quickly. You r ad succeed develop a good acc der Use Strategy for the other levels.

First tudie each brick that appears, do the pivot for the best position and quickly repere the direction you must place it. You can also bring down the brick quickly by pressing the keyboard space button. This game will allow you to develop your pr good decision and especially your organization.

R ussis perform a very good arrangements for laying each brick in the right place to develop your ability to s am nagement and earn maximum points.

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