Flash game The Gem Digger

The Gem Digger game of action and reflection

The D covers Dem Digger Chat now has help a little guy digging a way out!

You're a fan of games or you find yourself in the heart of the action? So here's a very int esting flash game that'll certainly delight you so silent e give it a try. The Gem Digger is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games.

The principles of the game are simple. You have to help a little guy digging an issue in The Gem Digger, a very original action game available on our portal online flash game. You embody a guy wire and you have to run over several blocks of color arranged randomly al s.

How to play The Dem Digger?

Use arrows in your direction keys to move to. The objective of the game is to avoid that your guy reaches the top of the screen. To do this, you must dig a path so that the man can penetrate as deep as possible to the bottom of the screen. To do this, you can destroy blocks of the same color group by pressing the Enter key e + a direction button.

The guy then digs a free space where you can engulf you in placing you d. You can also form two groups of blocks a shot by pressing the Shift key + arrow key. Attention, you're limited to drilling. You have to dig the bombs to clear two lines at once.

A completely original concept, a cross between several sets of r flexion, with a good hard-span which allows fully appr cial this action game. So if you're a fan of games very fun action you will not be d cu if you give yourself a try. D fed just a game by clicking on the image of the game and shows how far you can go.

You can even do a cover of your friends, they will adopt it without a doubt. Good luck!

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