Flash game Tile Ball

Tile Ball game of agility and reflection

D covers Tile Ball Chat now has to roll a ball on a golf weightless!

You like to compete with your friends address or you just want to throw you a challenge? Here is the game id al to put your quality s highlighted.

Tile Ball is a great game of agility and address ad cover without delay on our portal online flash games. The principle of the game is simple: you have to roll a ball on a golf weightless until the exit box to the next level. The task will not be easy because the course is weeks of pitfalls and we will have to show finger to reach the exit. Some boxes alter your path or access lerent. Be very vigilant and changes the direction of your ball at the right time. You will have very good reflexes of r to arrive at your purpose with this game

How to play a Tile Ball?

In terms of game controls, supports the direction arrows on your keyboard to place the ball on to the track. Be careful because the keys are very sensitive and grip not so obvious to the goal. So it will get used. The best is to start with a few games, history master commands and know what times to press the keys. This game bn r fited a great realization for a very addictive game and very quickly become addictive. If you're a fan of the genre, give you a test to see what the game can offer you.

Where just throw yourself in a comp Posted with your friends to see which of you is the most agile driving the ball farther between diff ferent levels of play do not let you do and especially aims at the first place if you'll look like a loser in front of your friends. Let's play! Good luck!

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