Flash game A Tale of Hobbit

A Tale of a Hobbit game of thinking and observation based on the principle Hidden Object

Help this young Hobbit find the objects hidden in the county s! There has long been in ancient times, still lingers in the territory of Middle Earth. This Earth is shared between the world of e Men, the Elves, Dwarves and Orcs, servants of evil. Far from all these conflicts there was a wonderful Hobbit village.

Situ in the Comt, a control e e decline of the world all Hobbits lived in peace and happiness. A young Hobbit named Milo lived in this peaceful village. One day, Milo accidentally found in his house strange letters. In reading, Milo recognized the particular writing if his grandmother. In these letters the mystery fronted grandmother Milo rv him of the strange things about the history of the village and he learned of the existence of a small m magical medallion which maintained a constant and sustainable peace in the Comt.

The letter also began warning against the evil forces of Gaberton that of Sirait above all the conquest er peaceful village. This n 'that was thanks to this that the village m medallion remained invisible to the enemy and therefore prot ger any ventuelle attack. Since that day, Milo could not ignore the threat that threatens the village if m medallion has had to disappear forever. Here is your quest, young Milo needs your r flexion and your observation skills to save his village, a vast territory must be explored to find the magic medallion m. This logic game is divided into seven levels, each level represents the parts of the village feel that you remember scenes of the legendary trilogy "Lord of the Rings." For each level, you will have a list of 10 objects that are hidden and must be s FOUND s to move to sup laughing level and finally find the medallion m.

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