Flash game Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble game and agility bubble shooter

Put your agility has the evidence in Bubble Trouble, super bubble shooter and agility!

Action games are entertainment that put most of them your character in danger. They require Success r some evidence to continue to play. So here Bubble Trouble, an action game that puts your character on a stage of destruction of bubbles.

How to play Bubble Trouble?

It has an arrow Others attach a rope he holds in his hands and that is his weapon to blow bubbles shaped balloons color s. You'll then press the Space key to trigger the spray of the arrow to reach the bubbles. The direction arrows allow you to perform your investments. When you reach a bubble with the arrow ea new rope, the bubble splits into two smaller bubbles that continue to juggle. These bubbles should never touch you as they are deadly. You'll also explode to pass laughing sup level.

This action game Bubble Trouble is essentially down to a simple technique is to destroy bubbles thanks to your arrow. Of your investments are n cessaires for avoid these bubbles fall on your character. If you manage to explode before they fall, they fall into two and you must do these bubbles explode as a turn. Well designed your bubbles and r act quickly when they split and truis them before they manage to touch you. In this game, each stage has its r alit s. When you arrive at sup Interior, the bubble will split into two smaller bubbles which in turn are divided to give rise to other bubble s and they increase as and as you advance. So settle down and come face these bubbles in Bubble Trouble.

Have fun!

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