Flash game Magic Balls

Magic Balls game of agility and reflection

Here for you Magic Balls, a class play in the cat category similar to the classic games where Bouling you must catapult the ball positioned in your basket head cannon balls to descend down. These balls are diff colors pensions where the int est of the game You will receive in your cannon balls of different colors diff as one by one and you can put your gun to your arrows with directions for the position fr e pr.

How to play a Magic Balls?

It is for you to catapult your ball up on a path embracing or balls of the same color. If you r ussis this, these balls disappear and other balls are reformed in the mess of color and as a cloud e advance down, You'll then position yourself at the bottom of this cloud of balls according to color setting in your gun and is the same color on the cloud and press on the spacebar to send your ball to destroy the cloud and score points. If you're colorblind, you can not play a Magic Balls, the classic game where you associate pr decision on identification and colors.

Well you target the same color as the one in your gun and you shoot by pressing space. Looks the part of the cloud to which are grouped are the more balls of the same color as your cannon rifies v contains the same color, sent to destroy the balls and win many points and continuing in the same launched e. Attention, some colors merge, if you send your ball to another color as the screw e, it sticks to that the cloud and increases the ball and continues to move down where is your gun. If the cloud reaches to touch the ground, you will be defeated, then truis of it before it hits the ground in Magic Ball.

Good luck!

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