Flash game Cat Death Auto

Cat Death Auto a car trash

Cat Death Auto in your neighborhood is overrun with cats! they circulate around through the arteries and annuities diff on the lawn. These dirty critters have ravaged all in their path and dig holes everywhere on your beautiful lawn. And even those neighbors are not spared t es. Plays fireman firefighter exterminator of rats and rodents barrasse your neighborhood. You're aboard your jalopy and your role is to crush all these harmful critters.

You must be mercilessly must all year ANTIR otherwise they risk infecting the neighborhood. On board your vehicle v, strikes rats of truis all on your way. Your objective as completely empty neighborhood rats by hitting with your cash.

More you kill rats, the more you'll earn points. Your score is displayed at the top left of the screen, and your playing time each game lasts 120 seconds. You have to avoid hitting trees and walls, for your v vehicle could explode and the game will end immediately. Your standard of living is represented feels the top left of the screen with the Health button, the more you dash on the walls and shrubs, plus your standard of living will decline. You have the possibility to start the game by clicking on the "Try Again button. "And then click on the" click Here to Start. "Button What the massacre begin! Use the keyboard arrow keys to maneuver your vehicle v. To access the Manage, simply press the upper arrow key on the keyboard.

To turn left or right, use the buttons lat eral. D starts the game by clicking on the button "Click Here to Start."

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