Flash game Drift Time

Time Drift the car game for fans of slides

Do you like car racing and loves to grate on the road? The car game Drift Time gives you the opportunit to do by playing. In addition, it is free, it requires no payment and no registration required to play.

In this car game, you're driving a nice little sports car and your goal is to take parts are arranged at various places of the track at a given time of abs. You're going to love this auto raper and will surprise even you believe in fast and furious c lebre racing film tourn of the deceased Paul Walker. To drive your vehicle v and around obstacles on the way, you will use your keyboard. Keys fl ch es left and right allow you to direct your fund to access the rer you presses the button on the top and braking based on the lower one. Nothing more simple.

Just put bouch s Double and shows how many times you're the best driver having the best time. Cam ra e situ of the game is up, so you see your fireball and will do the race with a view from the top, this allows you to see obstacles far before thou be near them. No need to be a racing driver renamed to play this masterpiece. Young, old, girls and boys, everyone can very well play this car game. A team of tester tried the game before it is placed on the net to ensure a game up to your requirements and expectations.

Once you have played a Drift Time, do not you go over in more, you probably even talk of your friends. Throw yourself in the race and good luck!

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