Flash game Flash Racer

Flash Racer race a mini car

Flash Racer is a racing game with tiny cars that roll of a circuit. You have several revolutions to succeed r while trying to put you at the first position to win the race. The race rolls of three laps. Your competitors are very fast, you must run just as fast as they go for d. To laugh before the race, press the S key to start the race manipulates your car using the directional arrows on the keyboard. Following rotations of the track to not leave the circuit.

You have four competitors s positioned on the line of hand, and they are just waiting for the green light to s' launch. Do not let yourself go mostly no, you have the vehicle v sky blue. In this game, cars are represented by tiny feels are tiles.

On the right côt the screen timers are displayed s, each one counts the third to make a complete lap of the circuit. During the race, keep an eye on the timers to control your level and your position. Increase your speed to overtake your competitors. Do not let the above s' loigner otherwise you will be the last to cross the line e arrived. D shows talents commercial pilot, anticipating turns to take a time and straighten your cash.

Also benefits turns to double your competitors is to these moments their progression r is reduced. Especially not lose no time, as soon as the game is launched, press the arrows, control your car until the last lap and wins the game. every time the race ends, you have the opportunity to take a new yet to try your luck. You'll also not limited by time, but you'll have to hurry to finish the race in record time.

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