Flash game Freds Pick Up Tour III

Freds Pick Up Tour III take the controls of a car in this crazy game of demolition

This game is to drive a Pick Up through a track and destroy any ad on your way. A pick-up is what was once called a minivan v namely a vehicle with a bucket or an open space at the back. In this game you have to ride your kick on the edge of the road and even on the grass. Struck the trees, up the trunks of trees and crushes the pi tones that work on the edges of your journey. Faces pi tones, trees with your gear and truis all on your way. Your objective as completely empty track its rolling over the ments with your mini-van.

Time is unlimited in this game, so do not troll way. But you have the opportunity to take a break by clicking the button or PAUSE GAME leave by clicking on the QUIT button. To resume the game click on the "Now Playing" button. Your game is s air by a giant wall of red color that you can not cross.

The speed of your jalopy is displayed on a screen in situ bottom left of the screen. Use the keyboard arrow keys to maneuver your vehicle v. To access the Manage, simply press the upper arrow key on the keyboard, to move, press key directional bottom of the keyboard to turn left or right, use the right and left arrow keys on your keyboard. You can also press the space key on the keyboard to launch projectiles at all that is before you.

To start the game click on Play Game. S then selects your Game Mode between Sand Box, Destruction, Time Trials and Mini Game. Then choose a playground between the many courses you are about s.

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