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Motor Madness game car extract the series Tele

Motor Madness In this game, you have to follow the car without seeing you and take a picture at the right time. Do not glue the car too close or you'll be recognized. Regains the team Scoobydoo film and pursue a gang driving your van rieux mystery. In the streets of the city, you should go to the track a suspect gang dipping his nose in shady deals. Driving your jalopy mystery laughing, walks the streets at night and take the gang spinning. Be careful not to stick too for not rep you rer.

Plays of private detective and r in all cases you will be confi es. To drive the car, use the arrows on the keyboard: high to access the rer, down to move left and right to rotate, spacebar to brake. If you observe something suspicious, take a picture. Based on the arrows on your keyboard to put you upright or lie down, use the spacebar to shoot. Pursue discreetly fed to the car then you do not rep rer Place yourself on the parking place.

Patiently waiting, lurking in the shadows and r realizes your clich s the right time to have tangible evidence. For thou hast taken to the police station six incriminating photos, give you before the gang leaves the city. Superb graphics, a decent surround sound best thrillers and increasing difficulty.

Part adventure very int ressante and exciting scenes with steering and espionage. A very fun and open to everyone. Throw yourself into the game and red covers the adventures Scoobydoo and all his friends. This franchise has undergone several Rican am successful as s series, movie or Cartoon tl e. Have fun

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