Flash game Pedestrian Killer

Pedestrian Killer Game Car trash

IF you raffoles bloody action games, it should make you happy. Pedestrian killer is an action game r alis well that will surely please once you get your first part of marr. The premise of the game is in the title, you need to kill all the pi tones who want to cross the road. Should it looks like a real massacre there blood all over your feet the guts. You will take pleasure to play this game wonderful graphics so do not wait.

Get in your car and murderous treat yourself. The car looks somewhat like a taxi, and thou hast chosen this day to show that you are the worst speeder that the earth has never port. Overwrite all pi tones that attempt to s' escape, treat yourself because there are no police or justice to stop. At least once during an entire minute you'll be able to make a killing impun ment thanks to this game which reminds the anarchy of the great game GTA success. Tues maximum pi tones by directing the car with your mouse.

But beware be the worst Speeders do not mean driving like a Fel ft. tones range from top to bottom. Then they come to you, so find your Use Strategy to kill a maximum among them, they all die. It may happen that some s' chappent, it is not serious, but shall ensure that the next feel the weight of your wheels on their bodies. If tones ft clutter part of the carriageway e, you can move the car to the left and to the right fast enough to kill them all, do not let a s' escape because you only have one minute to to the massacre and win maximum points. Find your rhythm and crushes them all.

If you think you have all pi tones, think to share your score and put the fi of other players Pedestrian killer.

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