Flash game Rickshaw Jam

Rickshaw Jam game of thinking and car

D covers Rickshaw Jam and brings out your v vehicle rickshaw an infernal traffic!

Rickshaw Jam is a set of r flexion in which you must extract the v vehicle has three wheels rickshaw call a grid in which several other vehicles blocking v output. A car has three wheels call e rickshaw is a very Asian invention used for small e of investment and commercial transport in the Asian country. The player has to put others v vehicles to gradually bring the vehicle v has three wheels to the exit. This requires them to place, but they are entrecrois s enough and there is sufficient constraints to investment so that the solution is not trivial.

The grid requires the management of various investment vehicles v. The player has no right to raise the vehicles and v can do to put that in the directions are imposed by the grid game Bring out your car this infernal traffic.

How to play a Ricksham Jam?

Sliding the vehicles v downwards, from right to left to pledge for your car and t 'escape the traffic jam.

The thing will be difficult since you can not place bulky vehicles of v in the sense that they are gar s: a horizontal or vertical. You have to use a lot of manipulations to achieve your purpose is. Over the Chelons, parking will be more cluttered and you have r fl chir a little more each time.

D instead of cars and trucks to carry a car has three wheels until the car park exit. There is of course ex cuter minimum maneuver to gain maximum points. All played with the mouse.

Click on one of the vehicles v, then remains appuy the left mouse button while the placing of desire in the direction e. V The vehicles can not move horizontally or vertically d. To thee well to combine investments and ensure open a passage to the exit for the car has three wheels.

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