Flash game Street Rally

Street Rally car game and rally

In "Street Rally", a 4x4 driver in races lirantes. "Street rally" is a car game ad cartoony cover without delay on our portal flash game. In this crazy racing game, you control a big yellow 4x4 and you have to finish the race in the allotted time.

How to play a Street Rally?

You have 3 race mode: Tournament Mode where must win races annuities diff diff ent circuits to win the trophy e, the "Single Race" mode where you need to win the circuit of your choice and finally "Time Trial" where the goal is to make the best time on a race. You can choose between 6 diff ent circuits. Then choose the color of your superb bass drum that looks like two drops of water cars animated film "Cars", then follow the asphalt!

From a top view, you face two opponents and using the direction arrows on your keyboard to steer your car. Password diff ent "checkpoints" represented shall by checkerboard flags before arriving at the roundabout. After going round the roundabout, you must do the opposite direction until the line of hand, always through the "checkpoints". Attention to others v vehicles, cars and buses and quickly pi tones crossing the road.

But it is not so serious for pi tones as you earn bonus points every time you in a crases. The courses are not so obvious but that ca help you map in the top right of the screen. This game is graphically superb, the races are completely wacky in d cor and very cartoon color and with sound effects of lirants.

True Success r d cover!

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