Flash game Van

Van game of agility and car reversing

Do you like driving games and action? This property r alis flash game combines action strangely well, driving cars and book some lessons on ways of diff rents accidenter his enemies on the road. Two friends must go to a festival that is at the other end of the city. They might make the trip themselves, but one does not have his license and the other is still asleep at the wheel. But who could help? Fortunately now you volunteer to drive up destination aboard their beautiful van.

How to play a Van?

You can manage your van using the mouse. As of placing the mouse to the left or to the right places for you as the van at the same time. Reverses speeders and hippies that you will find on the road, do drop their cars by sending roses waltz in with a puddle of oil in the wheels.

If we believe the words of these two geeks, there is no better way to turn motorists. You could have the big after having caus death of these drivers heart, but death will not vein, you earn money with which to pay the ticket betw een the festival. There will also be friends on the road, be careful not to hit them or send them to oil spills in the wheels, the kill ca tion and forced you should pay a large sum as fees for funeral home. Make a left click to leave oil behind you behind.

Safely drive these festival revelers to and do not of major G√Ęts on the road, even if there is no police to make observation. Have fun!

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