Flash game Black Jack v. 1.0

Black Jack 1.0 v reference of the card game casino

Play black jack card game in this sp cial casino. This game has made its appearance at the end of the eighteenth century under the name of twenty one "21". This game is inspired to the base of two card games: "railroad" and "the French firm".

It was the era played in Parisian casinos. It is then introduced in the United States without much success. Trying to attract players, casinotiers invent bonus players with an ace of spades and a black Jack earn a bonus which then provides a payment of 10 against 1. The name of the game so the "Black Jack" of this bonus or "Black Jack" in English. We still call this game so even if the bonus was modified t. The party opposes all players against the bank.

The aim is to beat the dealer without going to spend twenty-one. Of a player is more than 21, it is said that "jumps" or that "creve" and he loses his original bet. In this game, you can choose the amount of your bet before the game to laugh blackjack. D fed with small amounts and gradually increase to try to win the jackpot.

Blackjack is a game of pure chance. R ussis to obtain the required number of points and wins the bet. To play use the mouse, click on the amount you want to bet and let the dealer.

Counting on luck to win the bet. In this game you play against the computer as opponent. The task will not be simple. The computer is very lookout and to beat him you'll have to rely heavily on luck.

Leads up and become a champion back jack before trying your luck in casinos.

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