Flash game Hit 21 Deluxe

Hit 21 Deluxe a card game Black Jack casino

A classic gambling, Black Jack! Easy adaptation, Hit 21 Deluxe is a beautiful card game that is subject to your appr ciation. The card game is undoubtedly the most r pandu game on the planet of online games with astronomical hearings. With a classification of near c lebre lonely, finds expanding application and very easy to play. Hit 21 Deluxe very easy to understand and play, but it is not easy to have a very good score in this exciting card game online. In this game of cards on the table, you have a total of four columns r partition maps and two rows of cards are distributed.

You need to distribute the cards on the four columns making sure to have maximum amounts of 21, nor more nor less. If you r ussis to share all the cards and go to the next step you bn fited 15 seconds more as bonus. if you play three cards n cessaires by rank, you can do a nozzle if your goal is not reached. For each game you have a playing time of four minutes, your score and you round s are indicated on the top of the screen. The whole game is controlled with the aid of the mouse by clicking the Hit button to leave the cards on the four columns. Each card has a number of points which will make you able to account for the number 21 in each column.

You'll have to be very intelligent and quick to r succeed because the clock does not expect you. For d abut the game, click on the Start button. You are dou mental math then it is more than you have fun and have a good time with the Hit 21 Deluxe you.

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