Flash game Pirates' revenge

Pirates' Revenge, casino game pirate atmosphere

Joined Captain Hook and trying your luck in Pirates' Revenge, casino game of chance and has the ambiance pirate! Pirates' Revenge is gambling and chance whose goal is to succeed in aligning r between 2 and 3 identical symbols to win parts, raise money and continue to play. Each pattern gives a point differ number of others. Such as aligning three green parrots you win 800 and 1600 parts, three pirate flags relate 50 and 100 pieces, three chests you save 20 and 40 pieces, etc.. two hooks will also relate the parts.

You will believe in an exotic casino a game of Pirates' Revenge. In addition, a bottom right you have the number of QC said that you willing, they decrease gradually and as you advance. Press Bet Max or the Spin button to spin the symbols of before you. Help Captain Hook has a maximum mesh piece of gold to expand its immense booty. How to play Pirates' Revenge? You did not need your mouse to play a Pirates Revenge, instead of your cursor and click on the buttons just with the mouse.

The number of times won is displayed in the small black strip at the bottom of the screen the game Once finished part, your score is displayed behind the platform game No need to type or Use Strategy, trust- you only have your instinct to play. Even the youngest can play because the game principles are very easy to digest. Even invite a friend or your loved ones to try the game, they will not be of ECU. Many people test the game around the world and have ador.

Have fun!

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