Flash game Roulette

Super roulette gambling and casino

You master the jargon of the casinos? You like punch than gagent casinos and the atmosphere is it? Find all these parameters in this beautiful flash game you will not regret having tried. "Flash Roulette" is a casino game very well done, down to the same rules and the same principles as the real roulette game found in casinos all the good that respect. The principle is simple and easy to remember. You have got a very large table with a roulette its COTS dor e. Over the entire surface of the table are arranged cages are num rot es.

The cages are either black or red. Each cage so it assigns a num ro, and color. You butes of the game with a finite amount of money.

You can bet on diff rents boxes of your choice. For example you can bet on red or black cage 3 cage 7.

How to play Roulette?

To build on these cages, use your mouse to click and index to ask your bet. You'll see a token pos on the cage; is your bet. You can choose the setting before clicking. After having set the diff rents cages, nothing goes.

Rotate the wheel and the ball has int laughing will turn to jump. When the ball stops, the num ro where she stop wins. If you had put on this num ro and this color, you remporteras bet all those who put on other num ros and other colors.

By SI against your num ro is not out, you lose everything you had set. Easy and simple, this game will delight all those who try. If you feel lucky tonight, play your lucky numbers and see what happens. Leaving the casino you could be the next great fortune of the city.

Good luck to you!

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