Flash game Teenage Witch

Teenage Witch a funny game for children

You incarnate in this game, the role of an apprentice witch. In common parlance, a witch is a person who practices witchcraft. In this game, the tomb e fe Grenadine is seriously ill, she has a big contract colds. With this problem of health, the fe Grenadine is unable to fulfill its role of Genuine magician. So he needed a replacement for its int rim. Nobody is better placed than its servant the e fe nutty always your cot her.

The fe hazel should help the Prince find his old character because he does transform into a frog. Help the fe hazelnut find the magic potion that will cure her prince charming. Four ingredients are arranged ingr s all around you. Find the magic potion m langeant the ingredients ingr that you are about s finally make a magic potion.

Successively click with the mouse on three ingredients ingr for a m lange, r result immediately displayed. You have the possibility to use the same ingr ingredient more than once. If you can not find the right potion, you have the possibility of again in the m lange of helping you "TRY ANOTHER MIX button? ". M lange again as many times as you want until you find the right potion.

The prince has only on you to find his original condition, since fe Grenadine is seriously enrhum e and is unable to help him. Uses the knowledge she sent you to do a good m lange and get the magic potion. For d abut the game, click on to see the history of roll and click Play to start pr prepare the magic potion that will save the prince and give him his original appearance.

Whole kingdom counting on you so do not bec of the king and queen.

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