Flash game Color Paint

Color Paint coloring game for kids

Just make great coloring in Color Paint, Playground!

You are adept games Kids sizes s tailor-made for children? You are a small professional designer? You think you know the taste and match colors?

Just a little you try to this wonderful game that offers you so many possibilities s that you can not exploit all. "Color paint" is a miscellaneous game beautifully r alis. The principle can be glimpsed in the title, this is a coloring game that should appeal to all those who want to explore the vast universe of colors and shades, reflections diff annuities paints, and glitter all these marvels color es. Playing a Paint Color you'll be part of the greatest artists, the greatest painters the world has s harbor, all what you need is a little imagination. You have everything you need to do a great work in this flash game: a course canvas, model, brushes, colors, etc.. Everything is put at the disposal of your teeming brain of a thousand id es d cor.

How to play a Paint Color?

For you embark on the adventure, nothing more simple. You have your model in the middle of your game screen; To colorize you a wide choice of color in the palette that is to the right of the screen. All colors used are available. Click the color you want to use, then click on the part of the drawing where you want to put it. What is good in the game is that the drawings are themselves s fractionated into several parts.

Color does not affect any e emblem drawing, but a good part of the finished design. It's your turn to make a masterpiece!

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