Flash game Panic Pro

Panic Pro arcade and rapidity

Panic Pro covers D and r Cupere bombs as soon as possible!

If you like good arcade games and games with graphics and addictive effects, I suggest you to cover Panic Pro that will quickly give you a new feeling compared to other arcade games. In this game, you will bring more of your d fi r flexes. You are in a very dangerous world where bombs will emerge and you'll have to face in r cup rant some bombs to earn points. The game environment clearly reflects the tension and suspense waiting for you in this game Pr adorn yourself in saving the maximum possible bombs and show all your talents, your address and your pr decision, you can bring out in this game There are bombs coming down and you'll have r cup rer in your water was filled to avoid they explode. Attention when the bombs fall, there will be some who are barr a skull: it will avoid the risk of getting yourself killed.

It should also r cup rer letters in order to form the bonus word which enables you to r cup rer every chance you lost before. So during the game, you have to be quick and lively to swallow as soon as bombs and good looking not to take the bullets that the skull.

How to play a Panic Pro?

M at the mechanism, there is nothing more simple: just use the arrow keys left and right of the keyboard of your computer. You can play with your friends and see which will save the more bombs with you. Share your score quickly and shows your ability and your level s game everyone of the trusting.

Good luck and good game savior Bombs!

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