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Mahjong Glac, most c lebre Chinese game at the heart of winter

Welcome to the world of glacial best known Chinese game, which remains for a headache without end. You'll have to be patient to solve this r Mahjong! In this variant it is the snowballs, reindeer, mountains, igloos and many other symbols that invade your mind. The rules of Mahjong are simple, you have to find all available pairs on the board to remove them so that none are left. Do not h a website press Hint to ask for help.

To play Mahjong ice-cold

Must be left-click to play the game of abut R as Mahjong winter using your mouse. Left click on 2 identical dominoes and place the same height to make them disappear. Get help with hint and m lange play with shuffle.

Pass levels one has to become an ace Mahjong ice-cold.

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