Flash game Cooking With Love

The food of love

Help Sarah cook for the reading of his heart!

John is a brilliant man who works as a commercial for a big soci t. Recently he atr augment for having made r record results at the end of ann e. His beautiful wife Sarah has decided to adorn her pr of delicious cakes for r compensate for his efforts. But no question for Sarah to cook without putting all her love, she wants to make things right! She will need your help in diff annuities stages of his surprise. To begin, you must help her choose her outfit for work, why make your choice among the many available outfits stove Sarah; little apron, headband ... After that, you will have to find objects hidden in the kitchen that s you will n cessaires to start cooking.

You'll have to look in the fridge diff ent ingr ingredients for your cake bases and in closets diff ent utensils such as mold, bowls, spatula, whip ... And only then you can start you on the manufacture of delicious cupcakes. Sarah is an expert in making this type of cake, then carefully'm his instructions and complies with the assays. You will begin by pr prepare the dough cupcakes and you'll end up with the famous sauce. Once the cupcakes are ready and cook, you can go has the final step, the choice of evening gown e. Help Sarah choose the best dress for the occasion, you can also customize her outfit by adding small original accessories.

How to Play a Cooking with love?

Help yourself only mouse to interact and place ment of the d cor. To block diff of rent levels, you must first complete the pr c teeth levels.

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