Flash game Dragon Ball Defense

Dragon Ball Z Game Defense of faithful fighting manga

The young ros h Dragon Ball Z needs your help! The Kid Goku finally ar r USSI unite the seven crystal balls with his friend Turtle G cool! He therefore decides to invoke the mighty dragon Shenron to ask him to achieve his only desire r! But here is hardly the formula of invocation cit r e, a e m singing arm working for the criminal organization the Red Ribbons, d would land on the peaceful island! In this fighting game, your mission is to defend the Dragon Ball are located in the center of the screen enemy waves coming from each côt!

To do this, you'll have to serve you the resources available to our ros h numbers. Combat and pushes your enemies by pressing the keys A, S, D and F on your keyboard. However, some attacks will ask you more energy than others. Keep an eye on the yellow situ gauges at the top of your screen to find out when you can use one of the attacks Goku! Be brave and do not let the forces of the Red Ribbons seize the seven Dragon Balls to achieve their evil plans!

How to play a Dragon Ball Defense? Use arrows left and right arrow to move to Goku in the game to make a normal attack based on the "A" key on your keyboard. For ex cuter attack combo serve up the "S" key, this attack will allow you to hit your enemies two côt s. The "D" key you used to send the c lebre attack Sangoku: the Kamehameha.

With this attack, you supprimeras an entire line of enemies! Finally press "F" on your keyboard you will have to accomplish the ultimate attack, the free bird. It can only be activated only after having eliminated a sufficient number of enemies.

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