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Test your knowledge of European geography g enemies in Europe, a great game r ducatif bending! This game is the class Category cat games flexion and r is to test your knowledge in geography g. G geography as the study of the planet, its land, its characteristics character, its people, and its ph nomena. You have to show in this game you know well the countries of European continent and you know to identify and limit on a map. A map g is a geographical representation represents a geographical area g. It highlights the tension of this space, its location relative to neighboring areas as well as the location of the ments it contains.

The cards are also represented submit a ph nomena g ographic, that is to say ph nomena whose spatial configuration produces meaning. How to play Europe? For you to replace all the countries on a map of South America Am. Each country suggests r, click on the map. The name of each State to file until everyone is well located. Europe is a region r land which is considered by the re g geographers either as a continent in its own right or as the western extremity of the Eurasian continent began.

The mainland is bordered to the west by the Atlantic oc year, on the north by the Arctic and south by the sea MEDITERRANEAN M e and Strait of Gibraltar. You have to show in this game you know well the diff ent ens European states and that you know the limit of the card. When you locate a good country on the map you earn 10 points, if you can not do that, you lose 5 points. Search has put the country on the map to earn maximum points. This game requires a lot of bending r attention, observation and logic so that you can have fun and make your brain work together. With this game you will learn to analyze, search for solutions, see problems from a different angle.

Have fun!

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