Flash game Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy game girl and beauty

Put yourself in the shoes of a genuine v sp cialist SPA Massage Th in therapy, the new game for girls and beauty! Your client has had a very long and very tiring week, now all she wants is to relax. So she came into your superb institute where you are r e to put your talents sp cialist SPA.

To begin, you'll apply a moisturizer on the back and massaged until the skin is well absorbed the product. You'll then be able to massage, focusing on his shoulders because it is the place that most winces when someone is stress. Continued to massage it until it is well to tense and tend p tales rose on his back and leaves some time to enjoy the aromatherapy therapy, so she can relax his mind as his body . Then you'll be able to proc der care Honey: Apply honey on her back and the weight to soften the skin and make it glow. Volcanic stones will also help relaxation, then placed on his back, a hot stone and cold stone alternating.

To finish the task, you will need to make it a good natural scrub with oil dor e and rice. How to play a Massage Therapy? To play Massage Therapy, nothing more simple directions you will pr cis es has the guts.

Do not worry if you are lost, remember that you will be guided every step and Others, thanks to the small arrows that appear to show you the way to follow. For each treatment you will do a bar appear on the right: she represents feel the happiness of the client. To validate a tape carefully, you'll have to fill this bar by performing the movements demand s.

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