Flash game Bobsled

Bobsled bobsleigh simulation game

Slides at full speed on a track with ice-cold e Bobsleigh this game awesome! You always REVt 'on a ice-cold start driving more mythical sleds Olympic circuit? With the game Bobsled found feelings of extreme speed of the game as original as dangerous. Here, you'll have t 'ice-cold start on a track with your e luge and link turns and decision speed for the best possible time. In this simulation, you will be able to cover the characteristics character of this winter sport. You'll be immersed in full race for an Olympic bobsleigh evidence.

Your goal as a driver is to take control of this beast and the lead throughout the course. With a view to the third person, you'll be able to observe changes in your path tobogganing and much focus your v vehicle at the center of the track. Be careful not to make too big carts drive as bobsleigh the slightest mistake can be fatal. If by any chance, you came to fall, you'd be automatically disqualified and you should therefore start to the goal. at the end of each race, you have an indication of your time and your distance that will allow you to progress to the next part.

Little trick you willing a mini-map with all the turns, enabling you to anticipate each pr cornering feel on the track. How to play a Bobsled? In this game, you should primarily serve you directional arrows on your keyboard.

Harness the left and right buttons to make your turns on the circuit. It is important to keep his car in the middle of the track to be sure of a share gain maximum and secondly to be well pr counter next turn.

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