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Bruce Lee fighting game street fighter kind

Shows that you're the best fighter in Bruce Lee fighting game super street fighter guy! If you like mixed martial arts and Bruce Lee movies, you'll like it slammed on his exploits flash game. "Bruce Lee" is a friendly and fun action game in which you have the chance to get into the skin of an almost mythical figure, the athletic body tick and who has perfect mastery of martial arts Bruce Lee . Bruce Lee in this game wants to reach the top of Building A in which it is located. Unfortunately his enemies diss min s in all floors of the building and only dream to neutralize. Your goal is to help him confront all, kill them before they can do so. In each floor there is a finite number of guards, you must destroy them all to move to the next floor, and so on until you reach the top floor of Building A. How to play a Bruce Lee? You can place and you to do certain actions using the keys fl ch es on your keyboard.

The left and right buttons allow you to move left or right, the top button allows you to jump and down to crouch. Use the A button to give a punch, S to kick and D to fend off your opponents. Some of your enemies have a mastery of martial arts, so when you see one that performs sp cial movements has your approach, do not attack.

It's better t 'loigner him to attack the other guards. Give a kick the ger, or a tackle by pressing the down arrow and S, you can also give a kick in the air jumping and pressing S. D trust all the guards and leads them to d then made with your main objective the strength of your fist!

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