Flash game Fighting School

Fighting School game brawl and street fighter

Join the school of fighting in Fighting School game brawl and street fighter! You have to demand ja how great fighters were form s? How they were in the school of combat, how simple words it learns to fight? All your questions find their answers r in this beautiful fighting game "Fighting school." In this game you're not really in the street, you're not in a arena, you're not even in a real fight of gladiators, you're in the school. You've long wanted to fight has the school but the regulations forbade?

Enters a school where the only law is r gy by the battle Fighting through school. It is a game of fun and simple combat, great fun though. Come learn the art of fighting in a place built for sp cially ca. How to play Fighting School?

Before starting the game, you must first select one of the fighters that you are about s. You have the choice between Fano and Mao; Once your choice is made, you can finally bump of the game. Learn how here and now becomes a r el fighter, and train yourself. Be careful not to be in a real fight does not mean do not get real punches and give. Because in this game it is the contrary it is. In this game you go into a real street fight false and give a real beating your opponents. Use the keys fl ch es on your keyboard to control your fighter.

And press the right top key to jump, left for you to place and the bottom button to deliver a blow sp cial to your poor opponent once the Power bar is full. The space bar can give basic shots are shots that will lead to victory if you know the place. Become an ace knocking, and become the highest leve "Fighting school."

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