Flash game Pony Birthday Cake

Pony Birthday Cake cooking game for girls

R just achieve a super birthday cake in Pony Cake, cooking game for girls!

To play Pony birthday cake, it is very simple: start by clicking "Play"! You'll then be guided e throughout the recipe! Arrow tells you when a ingr ingredient, click on it.

Hold your click and laying it in the area that is now highlighted. Start by clicking on the eggs, and the break in bowl. Then add the sugar, milk and oil.

Take the drummer and m lange all until obtaining a smooth m lange. Now add the flour, and incorporates the help of the spatula. Draw a circle on top of the orange arrow to do. Then click on the white arrow to move has the following step: take the bowl and filled the two molds ag noise. Open the oven, and shoves the two molds. Click on the oven timer and once finished cooking e, get the two noises g, and the mold on the plates.

G then placed a mess on the ad has a board cut to draw the body of the pony using the knife. Draw the path that will follow your knife over the dotted s. Then assembles the pieces of g noise to shape the pony! It is now time to prepare the glaze pr: m lange e WHIPPED cream and sugar using electric mixer.

Then incorporated the cocoa powder using the whip. It is now time to coat the noise g with topping: installation of two piles of topping the g r noise and parties of the delicately to completely cover. There remains only to give you free rein to your imagination to make the most beautiful pony cake!

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