Flash game Darts

Darts game of darts, of agility and precision

Just put your pr decision has the evidence in Darts, super game fl chettes, of agility and precision pr!

Your passion is to shoot arrows? D erase targets near or far? You certainly love this game makes havoc in the seedy casinos, the restaurants and bars all who respect themselves. "Darts" is a great sports game that will delight all those who love the sport gn ral. You're a fan of crossbow shooting? You like throwing arrows?

This flash game is the plica r c lebre game launch fl chettes found in places characterized characteristics in the world. In this game, enters the realm of the greatest Olympic shooters, and measure up to them. We'll see if you can get the same e renamed the g ants Olympics.

How to play Darts?

The principle of the game is simple. You have got fl chettes, and a target in the middle of the screen.

You have to hit the target in the middle for a score lev. Simple and stupid. This is exactly the same as the game r el, but in this variant, your resources are limited are a 4 or 5 fl chettes. You have an unlimited number of fl chettes.

You can learn where as you want, in the end nothing will matter the fun shalt. A exp experience as invigorating a virtual e with friends at a local bar. Between the dance by taking a few fl chettes a vengeance and starts the game. In this game, even the score does not matter, just make sure to spend quality time with your fl chettes and the yellow target. You can throughout the game will launch new d made as to touch only the yellow part of the target, write your name with fl chettes you throw, etc..

The boundaries of the game are the limits of your own intellect. So you created your own e-r challenges and achieves them. Who knows, maybe to finish the game before you have created a new variant of launch chettes fl?

Good luck Romain new wood!

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